Pure Pedi Exfoliating Boots: Exfoliating Foot Treatment

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Exfoliating foot treatment will eliminate dry and cracked heels. Our intensive 45-minute foot treatment exfoliates and softens dry cracked heels and feet. New smooth, soft, re-texturized skin replaces rough, dry and callused feet, including the hard and cracked skin that forms on the heels of the feet and calluses on other areas of the feet.

Each Pure Pedi Exfoliating Boot contains our lotion containing our 10% Alpha Hydroxy Acid solution combining Lactic, Salicylic and Glycolic Acid , (pH 3.5)

The Pure Pedi exfoliating foot treatment uses a special lotion formula of Alpha Hydroxy Acids and gentle flower extracts, that penetrate the hardened skin on feet and allow the skin to exfoliate and peel naturally revealing new, soft skin.

After the initial application, the peeling process may begin over the next 5 to 10 days. The process may last for 2-3 weeks with some residual peeling on the third and fourth weeks.

If hard skin, dry and cracked heels or corns and calluses are still present on feet after the first application use one more application of Pure Pedi 3 weeks after your initial treatment. To maintain perfectly soft feet we recommend using Pure Pedi every two months (in extreme cases). To keep feet perfect and in good condition between foot peel treatments use Pure Pedi Footnight Treatment moisturizing foot cream.

Each Pure Pedi Pedi foot treatment pack comes complete with: 2 x specifically designed gauze-lined socks (Exfoliating Boots) containing our exclusive Alpha Hydroxy Acid AHA solution.

Price: $31.95

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